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Top 100 Lagest Companies in Japan|Brief explanation of the business overview


There are approximately 4,000 listed companies in Japan.

In this article, introduce the top 100 companies by market capitalization with a brief business overview.

Market capitalization ranking 1st to 10th


Toyota is a Japanese multinational automotive company that produces cars, trucks, and buses, provides financial services, and engages in other businesses such as robotics and material handling, with a focus on innovation, sustainability, quality, and safety.

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Sony is a Japanese multinational company that produces a wide range of electronics including TVs, smartphones, cameras, and gaming consoles, provides entertainment services such as music and movies, and engages in other businesses such as financial services and robotics.

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NTT is a Japanese telecommunications company that provides a variety of services including fixed-line and mobile telephony, internet and data services, network and system integration, and cloud services, with a focus on digital transformation and innovation.

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Keyence is a Japanese manufacturer of automation sensors, vision systems, barcode readers, and measurement equipment, providing solutions for factory automation and quality control, with a focus on innovation, speed, and precision.

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【№5】MUFG Bank

MUFG Bank is a Japanese banking and financial services company that provides a range of services including commercial banking, investment banking, asset management, leasing, and insurance, operating globally with a focus on sustainability, digital innovation, and customer service.

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【№6】SoftBank Group

SoftBank Group is a Japanese conglomerate that operates in a variety of industries, including telecommunications, internet services, robotics, and investments, with a focus on disruptive technology and innovation, and a vision to accelerate the information revolution.

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KDDI is a Japanese telecommunications company that provides a range of services including mobile and fixed-line telephony, internet, data centers, cloud services, and content distribution, with a focus on innovation, customer service, and social responsibility.

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Fast Retailing is a Japanese retail holding company that owns several fashion brands including UNIQLO, GU, and Theory, with a global presence and a focus on providing high-quality, affordable, and sustainable clothing to customers around the world.

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【№9】Daiichi Sankyo

Daiichi Sankyo is a Japanese pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures, and sells a wide range of prescription drugs for various therapeutic areas, with a focus on innovation, patient-centeredness, and global expansion.

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【№10】Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group

Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group is a Japanese financial holding company that offers a wide range of financial products and services, including banking, insurance, securities, and asset management, with a global presence and a focus on digital innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

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