Hello everyone, my name is “Taiyo (pseudonym)” who runs this site. Taiyo means Sun in English.


  • 中小企業に入社後、地方配属となり営業職を経験
  • 成長産業にチャレンジするためベンチャー企業に転職し、幅広い業務を経験
  • 企画職に専念するため大企業に転職し、ベンチャー企業と連携した新規事業開発
  • 中央省庁で政策立案、ベンチャー企業支援
  • 大企業で事業戦略立案

At the start of my career, I experienced a local sales position at a small and medium-sized company. After that, I changed jobs to a start-up company to challenge a growing industry, and experienced a wide range of operations. Next, I moved to a large company to focus on planning, and developed a new business in collaboration with a start-up company. After that, I was involved in policy planning and support for start-up companies at the central ministries and agencies of the Japanese government. I am currently working on a business strategy for a large company.





Throughout my career, I have been fascinated by the fun of startup companies that innovate in society.

However, compared to Europe and the United States, the current situation is that innovation by start-up companies is less likely to occur in Japan. In order to change that, I operate this site because I think it is important to let people know that there are wonderful companies and services in Japan.

Therefore, on this site, I publish Japanese startup-related information and business trends in both Japanese and English. Thank you for visiting my site.

注意事項(Important points)


This site mainly collects information from corporate websites, but please check the legality and usefulness of the content yourself, and use it at your own risk for employment, career change, investment, capital tie-up, business Please make a decision regarding partnerships, etc. Please note that the operator of this site does not guarantee or take responsibility for any actions taken by visitors based on the information on this site.