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Japanese 12-unicorn startup companies ~valuation ranking~


The Japanese government has decided to expand its support for startups in order to increase the current 12 Japanese unicorns to 100 in the future.

Therefore, in this article, introduce all Japanese unicorn companies as of today.

Japanese 12-unicorn startup companies ~valuation ranking~

Preferred Networks(Valuation: 351.6 billion yen)

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Preferred Networks is a leading Japanese company in the AI industry, specializing in deep learning that uses a lot of data to improve accuracy.

While collaborating with various companies using deep learning and robotics technology, the company is conducting cutting-edge research and development such as the advancement of industrial robots and the development of autonomous driving technology.

ADVASA(Valuation: 230.1 billion yen)

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ADVASA offers a welfare payment system “FUKUPE” that works in conjunction with the attendance system and allows you to receive the salary for the amount you worked at any time as a replacement type advance payment.

FUKUPE is a platform that can charge any payment method, and aims to solve poverty issues and realize financial inclusion by combining blockchain technology.

In addition, the company is actively working on intellectual property strategies to promote overseas expansion, and has acquired patents in Japan, the United States, South Korea, Singapore, and other countries.

GVE(Valuation: 224.5 billion yen)

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GVE is a company that develops the “EXC Platform” that enables instant payments with digital currencies issued by central banks of each country.

With the development of CBCD, a digital currency, the company aims to create a world where anyone with a Japanese bank account can shop around the world without paying expensive fees using just a smartphone.

SmartNews(Valuation: 203.9 billion yen)

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The company operates the information dissemination application “SmartNews”.

smartNews is based on the vision of “Delivering high-quality information from all over the world to those who need it”, and information from over 3,000 media companies can be viewed for free.

SmartHR(Valuation: 173.1 billion yen)

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The company provides cloud personnel and labor management software “SmartHR” that realizes operational efficiency in personnel and labor management and supports productivity improvement of all workers.

TRIPLE-1(Valuation: 164.1 billion yen)

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TRIPLE-1 is a company that develops ASICs (semiconductor integrated circuits) that utilize the most advanced processes of the times.

The company has successfully developed an ASIC for Bitcoin mining using the cutting-edge 7nm process and an AI processor for deep learning using a 5nm process.

3DOM Alliance(Valuation: 154.3 billion yen)

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The company is developing next-generation batteries based on its unique 3DOM separator technology.

The company also develops elemental technologies for motors and fuel cells, aiming to electrify mobile vehicles and optimize energy in the fields of transportation, energy, and life infrastructure.

clean planet(Valuation: 145.7 billion yen)

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Clean Planet is a company that develops “Quantum Hydrogen Energy”.

Hydrogen has a heat generation density more than 10,000 times that of city gas, and is attracting attention as a clean energy that does not emit CO2 when burned.

Therefore, the company aims to socially implement hydrogen generation using nanoscale metal composite materials using inexpensively available nickel and copper.

Spiber(Valuation: 145.7 billion yen)

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Spiber uses a unique microbial fermentation process to produce a sustainable plant-based protein material, Brewed Protein, without relying on fossil fuels.

This material is used as a substitute for various materials such as filament yarn, cashmere, animal-free leather, and resin materials.

TBM(Valuation: 133.7 billion yen)

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TBM manufactures “LIMEX”, an inorganic filler dispersed composite material containing more than 50% of inorganic substances such as calcium carbonate.

It is attracting attention as a sustainable material that can replace plastic and paper from limestone, which is inexhaustible on the earth.

It has been patented in 40 countries around the world and has been introduced at international conferences such as COP and G20.

Mobility Technologies(Valuation: 116.9 billion yen)

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The company provides various IT services that update the Japanese mobility industry with the mission of “Making people happy with mobility.”

Specifically, you call a taxi with the app, and the credit card registered in the app makes the payment.This has made taxi travel in Japan very easy.

HIROTSU BIO SCIENCE(Valuation: 104.3 billion yen)

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HIROTSU Bioscience can detect cancer with an accuracy of 86% with a single drop of urine.

Organisms with an excellent sense of smell detect the smell of cancer contained in urine, and comprehensively assess the risk of cancer throughout the body.

According to the 2020 data from the National Cancer Research Center, one in four Japanese men and one in six women die of cancer.

Early detection and initiation of treatment are important for cancer treatment, and this technology has the potential to reduce the mortality rate of Japanese people.

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