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11 Innovative Startups In Japan


Japan has 10,000 startups, but only 10 unicorns. In order to change this situation, the Japanese government will start focusing on startup support from 2022.

Many startups will be born in the future. Therefore, this time, we will introduce 11 Japanese startups that are already providing innovative services.

11 Innovative Startups In Japan


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ispace is a company that aims to make the moon a living area for humans, and is first working on technology development for the exploration of water resources on the moon.

These days, even private citizens can go on space trips if they pay, and space is becoming more familiar little by little.

In this way, more and more companies are seriously pursuing space as their business domain, and the day may soon come when humans will live in space.


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HIROTSU Bioscience can detect cancer with an accuracy of 86% with a single drop of urine.

Organisms with an excellent sense of smell detect the smell of cancer contained in urine, and comprehensively assess the risk of cancer throughout the body.

According to the 2020 data from the National Cancer Research Center, one in four Japanese men and one in six women die of cancer.

Early detection and initiation of treatment are important for cancer treatment, and this technology has the potential to reduce the mortality rate of Japanese people.


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Alt is developing a digital clone.

A digital clone is a clone AI that has learned its own thoughts.

Digital clones do the work, shopping, and paperwork for us, so we can spend our time doing what we really want to do, like our hobbies.


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KYOTO FUSIONEERING is a startup from Kyoto University that develops advanced technology for the realization of nuclear fusion reactors.

Nuclear fusion, unlike nuclear energy, harnesses the vast amount of energy released when hydrogen atoms combine under great pressure and high temperature.

It is a revolutionary technology that can solve energy problems because it can extract fuel from seawater, so there is infinite fuel and it does not emit carbon dioxide.


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Enecoat Technologies is a company that develops light, thin, and bendable next-generation solar cells “perovskite solar cells”.

This solar cell will be installed in places where it could not be installed before, such as curtains and drones.

Moreover, the power generation efficiency is twice as high as before.

Japan is a small country, so there are few places where solar panels can be installed. However, this technology can generate a lot of renewable energy.



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HIKKY is a company that realizes the Metaverse beyond platform barriers by hosting the world’s largest VR event and providing a VR development engine.

Specifically, the company helps implement exhibitions, service announcements, and live performances in the Metaverse.


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MELTIN MMI is a company with “cyborg technology” that combines “biological signal processing technology” that faithfully analyzes movements and intentions from human biological signals and “robot mechanism control technology” that faithfully reproduces in real space.

If this technology is implemented in society, it will be possible to move machines and robots as if they were your own body.

As a result, doctors with high skills can operate all over the world without moving, work instead of people at collapse sites, radioactively contaminated areas, and dangerous parts of plants, and robots can carry heavy loads. It is expected to be used in various fields.


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Gojo & Company is a global company that aims to bring financial access to everyone in the world.

Currently, more than 1 billion people worldwide do not have access to financial services. In order to change the current situation, the company provides low-cost financial services (loans, savings, insurance, etc.) in Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, etc.


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TOUCH TO GO is a company that provides an unmanned payment store system that realizes speedy shopping and labor saving.

The data acquired by cameras and sensors is analyzed by a unique algorithm, and the customer can see the product details just by standing in the checkout zone without scanning the product.

Cash and cashless payments are accepted, and safety is ensured by the in-store remote monitoring system, so it can be operated by a part-time worker.

It is an important technology that can solve the problem of a declining working population due to the declining birthrate and aging population, and it is expected to be increasingly implemented in society in the future.


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SkyDrive is developing a two-seater flying car to start operations in 2025

A flying car is a common name for eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing), which is a low-cost helicopter with a reduced number of parts due to the electrification of the helicopter.

In the future, it will become a society where people can easily enjoy air travel from ports in the city at a taxi rate.


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This company cooperates with parts processing companies nationwide to provide one-stop processed product manufacturing services.

Japanese parts processing companies have high technical capabilities, but their sales capabilities are weak, so the reality is that they rely on certain business partners.

Therefore, this company launched a platform with an automatic quotation function, and provides parts after quality assurance from the standpoint of a fabless manufacturer.

As a result, parts processing companies can deliver products to new customers without having to engage in sales or create quotations, allowing them to concentrate on their core business and further improve their technical capabilities.

By dispersing the suppliers, the ordering side can reduce the risk of parts interruption even during busy periods or bankruptcy.

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