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Notable Japan IT companies|from listed to startup companies


There are many excellent IT companies in Japan, from listed companies to fast-growing companies.

In this article, introduce notable companies that you should be aware of when researching Japanese companies.

【Listed company】Japan IT companies



Sony is a diversified company that deals with various electronic devices, entertainment products, and security systems. Below are some of the representative businesses:

  • Electronics Product Business:
    Sony develops, manufactures, and sells electronic products such as TVs, smartphones, laptops, digital cameras, and PlayStation.
  • Game and Network Services Business:
    Sony provides home game consoles such as “PlayStation” and offers smartphone game apps. Additionally, it provides network services such as online stores and music streaming services.
  • Movie and Music Business:
    Sony owns a movie studio, Columbia Pictures, and a music label, Sony Music Entertainment.
  • Security and Professional Services Business:
    Sony also offers security systems such as surveillance cameras and video monitoring systems, and professional services such as broadcast equipment and medical equipment.
  • Financial Services Business:
    Sony has Sony Financial Holdings as a subsidiary, which provides financial services such as credit cards, life insurance, and investment trusts.

Through these businesses, Sony provides diverse products and services to customers worldwide.

In the past, the company has suffered from poor performance, but in 2021 it has achieved operating income of 1 trillion yen and has made a complete comeback.

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Hitachi, Ltd. is a comprehensive electronics manufacturer that develops a wide range of businesses, including information and communications, energy, construction, automobiles, and industrial machinery. Our main business is summarized below.

  • Information & Telecommunications Business: Provides ICT solutions such as system integration, cloud services, and network solutions
  • Power and energy business: Provides power and energy related products and services such as power generation facilities, power transmission and distribution systems, and infrastructure solutions.
  • Smart life business: Provides products such as home appliances, office equipment, and business equipment
  • Automotive Systems Business: Provides automotive parts, in-vehicle equipment, in-vehicle systems, etc.
  • Infrastructure Systems Business: Providing social infrastructure-related products and services such as railway systems, transportation systems, road systems, and water treatment systems
  • High-tech business: Providing high-tech related products and services such as semiconductors, displays, storage, and medical equipment

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Panasonic is a Japanese manufacturer and diversified company that deals in consumer electronics, housing equipment, auto parts and industrial equipment. The main business is as follows.

  • AVC Networks: Home appliances such as TVs and digital cameras
  • Life Solutions: Housing equipment, solar power generation systems, air conditioning equipment, etc.
  • Connected Solutions: IoT-related products, smart home products, etc.
    Automotive parts business: Batteries for EVs, engine-related parts, drive recorders, etc.
  • Industrial Solutions: Machine tools, industrial electronic components, information system solutions, etc.

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NTT is a Japanese telecommunications company that operates in the following businesses:

  • Communication services:
    NTT East, NTT West, and NTT Communications provide fixed-line, mobile phone, and internet services.
  • ICT solutions:
    NTT provides information system design, construction, operation, and maintenance services to enterprises. They also offer services in security measures and cloud services.
  • System integration:
    NTT provides information system design, construction, operation, and maintenance services to enterprises.
  • Smart city:
    NTT provides energy efficiency and traffic optimization services by combining urban infrastructure and ICT technology.
  • Data center: NTT provides data center operation and cloud service provision services to enterprises.
  • Platform: NTT aims to create new businesses in fields such as voice recognition technology and artificial intelligence.

NTT has a high market share in the telecommunications industry in Japan and is focusing on providing new services utilizing ICT technology.

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NTT DATA is a leading information technology services company in Japan with the following businesses:

  • System integration business:
    Providing services such as design, construction, operation and maintenance of information systems for companies
  • Business consulting business:
    Consulting services for solving business issues, such as improving corporate operations and formulating IT strategies
  • Outsourcing business
    A service in which NTT DATA acts on behalf of part or all of the business owned by a company
  • Cloud service business:
    Providing data and applications on the cloud for enterprises
  • AI (artificial intelligence) business: We provide services that utilize AI technology, such as big data analysis and the construction of automated systems.
  • Security business:
    Supporting corporate information security
  • Digital marketing business
    Support for improving corporate marketing strategies and creating new businesses by analyzing data

NTT DATA has advanced technical capabilities in the field of information technology services, and contributes to business improvement and digital transformation of companies.

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Fujitsu is one of Japan’s leading comprehensive electronics manufacturers. The following are the company’s main business areas:

  • ICT Solutions Business: provides ICT products such as computers, servers, storage, software, as well as services such as system construction and operational support.
  • Device Business: manufactures and sells semiconductor products, electronic devices, electronic materials, and other related products.
  • Security Business: offers security-related products and services, focusing on network security and information leak prevention.
  • Car Electronics Business: manufactures and sells electronic components and information systems for automobiles.
  • Digital Transformation Business: provides new businesses and services utilizing digital technologies such as AI, IoT, and cloud.
  • Digital Support & Business Consulting Business: provides services such as business transformation support and system development.

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NEC is one of Japan’s leading electrical and communication equipment manufacturers. The following are the company’s main business areas:

  • ICT Solutions Business: provides solutions that support business digitization in fields such as cloud computing, big data, security, and artificial intelligence.
  • Service Provider Business: offers services in various fields such as networks, computer systems, security, cloud services, and intelligent transport systems.
  • System Platform Business: develops and provides core systems such as computer systems, servers, storage, and software.
  • Social Infrastructure Business: develops and provides social infrastructure such as public security, broadcasting, communication and broadcasting equipment, and e-government.

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GMO Internet Group

GMO Internet Group is one of Japan’s internet-related companies. The following are the company’s main business areas:

  • Internet Infrastructure Business: provides infrastructure services that support the internet, such as domain registration and hosting.
  • Advertising and Media Business: develops and provides online advertising and content, such as online advertising, portal sites, media, and content.
  • Financial Business: provides financial services such as cryptocurrency exchanges and FX.
  • Online Game Business: plans, develops, and operates online games.
  • Career Business: offers services related to human resources, such as career consulting, personnel introduction, and outsourcing services.

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Rakuten Group

Rakuten Group, Inc. is one of Japan’s leading Internet service companies. Below are the main business areas of the company:

  • Internet service business: Provides various Internet services such as online shopping “Rakuten Ichiba” similar to Amazon, travel sites, point services, etc.
  • Financial service business: Providing financial services such as securities, insurance, cards, and banking
  • Mobile business: As the fourth largest mobile carrier after Softbank, DoCoMo, and KDDI, the company is increasing its market share by offering low charges and unlimited internet usage.
  • Sports Business: Developing sports-related businesses, including the professional baseball team “Rakuten Eagles”
  • Media business: Operates various web media, including the portal site “Rakuten Infoseek”

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SoftBank Group Corporation is a leading Japanese telecom, internet, and entertainment company. Here are the main business areas of the company:

  • Telecom Business: SoftBank provides various communication services such as mobile phones, smartphones, fixed-line phones, broadband services, etc. within Japan. It also offers a variety of communication services for corporations through SoftBank Telecom and SB Cloud.
  • Internet Business: Through Yahoo! Japan and SB C&S, SoftBank provides a range of internet services such as search engines, portal sites, e-commerce sites, online advertising, cloud services, data centers, and more.
  • Entertainment Business: Through SoftBank BB, SoftBank offers video and audio streaming services like Hulu, and through SoftBank Media and Marketing, it operates media businesses such as music, movies, publishing, and more.
  • AI Business: SoftBank Robotics, which develops and sells AI products such as the humanoid robot “Pepper”.
  • SoftBank Vision Fund Business: SoftBank Vision Fund invests in technology startups through SoftBank Vision Fund Corporation.

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NTT DOCOMO, INC. is a leading Japanese telecommunications company that offers the following major businesses:

  • Mobile Communications Business: Provides services such as mobile phones, smartphones, and mobile data communication, and has the largest customer base in Japan.
  • Internet Business: Provides services such as mobile internet, fiber optic internet, Wi-Fi, and also operates businesses in the areas of cloud services and IoT.
  • Payment Services Business: Provides various payment services such as electronic money and QR code payments.
  • Media and Content Business: Provides various media content services such as dAnime Store and dMagazine.
  • Enterprise Services Business: Provides a variety of services for enterprises such as cloud services and business IoT services.

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KDDI is one of the leading telecommunications companies in Japan, offering the following major businesses:

  • Mobile Communications Business: Provides services such as mobile phones, smartphones, and mobile data communication under the au brand.
  • Internet Business: Provides services such as fiber optic internet, Wi-Fi, and operates businesses in the areas of IoT and others.
  • Payment Services Business: Provides various payment services such as electronic money and QR code payments.
  • Media and Content Business: Provides various media content services through au’s mobile phone services and KDDI’s media subsidiary.
  • Enterprise Services Business: Provides a variety of services for enterprises such as cloud services and business IoT services.

These are the major business areas of KDDI. Additionally, KDDI operates globally through partnerships with telecommunications companies in other countries.

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GREE Inc. primarily operates the following three businesses:

  • Social games: Developing and operating social games for smartphones and PCs.
  • Ad tech: Providing advertising delivery platforms and advertising revenue maximization support tools.
  • Lifestyle: Operating an online store “Green Online Store” and a real store “Green Box”.

Through these businesses, GREE is a leading company in the social gaming market and has expanded into new areas such as advertising and e-commerce. Additionally, GREE places a strong focus on global expansion and has expanded its operations into overseas markets, primarily in Asia.


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DeNA Co., Ltd. primarily operates the following businesses:

  • Game business: It develops and operates game apps for smartphones and provides online games for personal computers.
  • AI business: It provides an AI platform that utilizes natural language processing technology and offers business support services for enterprises.
  • Financial technology (FinTech) business: It provides a smartphone investment app called “WealthNavi.”

DeNA is actively expanding into new fields, such as AI and FinTech, in addition to its core game business. It also places great emphasis on expanding into global markets and is working to expand its business in various parts of the world.


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CyberAgent is developing a wide range of businesses, including Internet advertising, games, media, and investment. Below are some representative examples.

  • Internet advertising business: Marketing support for advertisers, centered on Internet advertising
  • Game business: Development and operation of game apps for smartphones
  • Media business: Develop media business such as “AbemaTV” that distributes information such as news, entertainment and sports
  • Investment business: Investment in start-up companies and M&A through subsidiaries

As a leading Internet business company, CyberAgent is expanding its business both in Japan and overseas. We are also focusing on research and development of next-generation technologies, mainly by group companies.

Yahoo Japan

Yahoo Japan is a leading internet company in Japan, providing a wide range of services such as search engines, news, shopping, and online auctions.

In addition to these, the company operates various online services including e-commerce, finance, and advertising. Yahoo Japan also has a major investment in the online fashion retailer, ZOZO Inc.

The company aims to continuously provide new services to its users while enhancing its business partnerships with various companies.

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Sharp Corporation is a Japanese electronics company that was established in 1912. The company produces electronic products such as TVs, smartphones, tablets, printers, and home appliances.

Sharp is also known for its LCD and solar panel technology, which are used in various applications. Additionally, Sharp has been developing IoT and AI technology, which includes sensors and cloud-based services for remotely controlling home appliances and other devices.

Despite going through a period of restructuring, including the sale of its TV manufacturing business to Hisense in 2015, Sharp continues to be a major player in the electronics industry. Today, Sharp has a strong focus on innovation and sustainability.

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Canon Inc. is a Japanese multinational corporation that produces imaging and optical products. Founded in 1937, Canon’s products include cameras, photocopiers, printers, and medical equipment.

Canon is committed to innovation and sustainability, with a range of initiatives aimed at reducing waste, conserving resources, and promoting energy efficiency.

In recent years, the company has expanded into new markets and invested in various technologies, including robotics, AI, and 3D printing.

Today, Canon is a leading producer of imaging and optical products, with a global presence and a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility.

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Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is a Japanese company that produces electronics and electrical equipment, including air conditioning systems, elevators, power systems, and consumer electronics.

The company is committed to innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility, with initiatives focused on developing new technologies, reducing waste and promoting energy efficiency.

Mitsubishi Electric supports various social and cultural initiatives, including disaster relief efforts and environmental conservation projects.

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Yasukawa Electric

Yasukawa Electric Corporation is a Japanese company that produces motion control products, robotics, and power conversion equipment.

The company was founded in 1915 and has since expanded to become a leading producer of industrial automation and robotics solutions.

Yaskawa Electric is committed to sustainability and social responsibility, with initiatives aimed at reducing its environmental impact and supporting local communities.

The company’s products are used in a variety of industries, including automotive, electronics, and food and beverage production.

Yaskawa Electric is dedicated to innovation, with ongoing investment in research and development to create new solutions for customers around the world.

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Toshiba Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate that produces a wide range of products, including information technology equipment, semiconductors, home appliances, and energy systems.

The company was founded in 1875 and has since expanded its operations to become a global leader in various industries. Toshiba is committed to innovation and sustainability, with a focus on developing new technologies and reducing its environmental impact.

The company’s products are used in a variety of applications, including healthcare, transportation, and telecommunications.

Toshiba also has a strong commitment to social responsibility and is involved in various initiatives to support local communities and promote sustainable development.

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【Startup】Japan IT companies


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LINE has strong expansion in the Asian region, mainly in Japan and Taiwan, and has established itself as one of the major SNS in the Japanese market, and most smartphone users in Japan use LINE. .

In terms of overseas expansion, we are mainly focusing on the Southeast Asian region, and the number of users is increasing in Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, etc.

Preferred Networks

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Preferred Networks is a leading Japanese company in the AI industry, specializing in deep learning that uses a lot of data to improve accuracy.

While collaborating with various companies using deep learning and robotics technology, the company is conducting cutting-edge research and development such as the advancement of industrial robots and the development of autonomous driving technology.


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Alt is developing a digital clone.

A digital clone is a clone AI that has learned its own thoughts.

Digital clones do the work, shopping, and paperwork for us, so we can spend our time doing what we really want to do, like our hobbies.


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TOUCH TO GO is a company that provides an unmanned payment store system that realizes speedy shopping and labor saving.

The data acquired by cameras and sensors is analyzed by a unique algorithm, and the customer can see the product details just by standing in the checkout zone without scanning the product.

Cash and cashless payments are accepted, and safety is ensured by the in-store remote monitoring system, so it can be operated by a part-time worker.

It is an important technology that can solve the problem of a declining working population due to the declining birthrate and aging population, and it is expected to be increasingly implemented in society in the future.


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This company cooperates with parts processing companies nationwide to provide one-stop processed product manufacturing services.

Japanese parts processing companies have high technical capabilities, but their sales capabilities are weak, so the reality is that they rely on certain business partners.

Therefore, this company launched a platform with an automatic quotation function, and provides parts after quality assurance from the standpoint of a fabless manufacturer.

As a result, parts processing companies can deliver products to new customers without having to engage in sales or create quotations, allowing them to concentrate on their core business and further improve their technical capabilities.

By dispersing the suppliers, the ordering side can reduce the risk of parts interruption even during busy periods or bankruptcy.


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The company provides cloud personnel and labor management software “SmartHR” that realizes operational efficiency in personnel and labor management and supports productivity improvement of all workers.

Mobility Technologies

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The company provides various IT services that update the Japanese mobility industry with the mission of “Making people happy with mobility.”

Specifically, you call a taxi with the app, and the credit card registered in the app makes the payment.This has made taxi travel in Japan very easy.


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HIKKY is a company that realizes the Metaverse beyond platform barriers by hosting the world’s largest VR event and providing a VR development engine.

Specifically, the company helps implement exhibitions, service announcements, and live performances in the Metaverse.

AI Medical Service

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AI Medical Service is a medical start-up company specializing in endoscope AI.

Deep learning of endoscope image data is used to support doctors’ endoscope diagnosis with AI to prevent diseases from being overlooked.


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Datumix promotes DX in the logistics industry, centered on digital twin technology that reproduces the real world in digital space.

Specifically, the company reproduces distribution warehouses virtually to visualize problems and propose improvement measures.


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Andpad provides “ANDPAD” that supports the DX transformation of the construction industry.

ANDPAD is a cloud-based service that enables construction management, information sharing, updating of drawings, recording, inspection, etc.

LegalOn Technologies

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LegalOn Technologies provides a cloud service that instantly identifies risks and omissions by simply uploading a contract using AI that has learned a large amount of contract data and the knowledge of lawyers in advance.

This company focuses on the field of “legal affairs” and incorporates elements of AI analysis in contract work, which is likely to be called for similar attention, and is developing highly versatile functions.


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AGRI SMILE provides AGRI Suite, a service that collects cultivation data from production areas in the agricultural field, centrally manages it in the cloud, and utilizes it for the next cultivation.

It saves labor for checking daily work records on the producer side and cultivation history on the JA side, and implements highly convenient functions such as automatic determination of the application, mixed use, and number of times of use of pesticides, field mapping, and work calendar. increase.

Collected cultivation data can be used for strategic pest control and measuring the effects of materials.

In addition, by compiling and sharing the essence of cultivation techniques, which tend to be tacit knowledge, in short videos, the company supports the passing down of techniques to farmers and employees.


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LiLz provides a service that makes it easy to remotely perform daily visual patrol inspections of meters at plants and factories using low-power IoT cameras and machine learning technology.

It can be installed without the need for power supply or network construction by utilizing an LTE-equipped camera that has been operating continuously for 3 years.

Multiple instruments can be read on a single screen, and integrated management is possible by linking with the current facility management system via API.